Intensive course on Joyce’s Portrait on 12 March 2016

Nature of Event: Intensive 5-6 hour course on A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Bloomsday in Melbourne in 2016 is performing an adaptation of Portrait for the stage so this course is an opportunity for a refresher on Joyce’s first novel. The novel changed the course of autobiographical fiction in the early c20. We meet the young Stephen as he arduously, and sometimes comically, turns himself into the artist of his dreams. What native gifts does he have for this self-appointed role? What stands in his way? What does he understand and not understand about the world that is likely to have a substantial impact on his writing? The presenters (Frances Devlin-Glass, assisted by Deirdre Gillespie)  advise the course will have bigger payoffs if you read the novel first.  More information….

Where: At the Celtic Club, Melbourne, 316-20 Queen St., Melbourne

When: Sat. 12 March, 12 noon – 6.30pm. Once only

Cost: $60 full; $40 concession. Booking essential.