Tinteán online

Tinteán online magazine is an initiative of the Australian Irish Heritage Network, publishers of 20 issues of the print magazine of the same name. With the demise of the print version of the magazine, it was decided to explore the possibilities of publishing an online version of the magazine

Tinteán online aims to continue our objectives in publishing the print magazine: to build and nurture the Australian Irish identity and explore social, cultural, political and religious issues of interest to the Australian-Irish subculture as well as the Irish diaspora in Australia.  The big themes of exile, diaspora and settlement will be addressed but we also hope to encourage narratives both historical and contemporary, of the experiences of individuals and families who for whatever reason have departed from their homes in Ireland to settle in Australia. Tinteán online also hopes to continue to study the political and economic evolution of Ireland. Our intention in the print magazine Tinteán was to explore and celebrate the playing out of the Irish heritage in Australia, past, present and future. We hope to continue to do so in Tinteán online.

Contact: info@tintean.org.au