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This Index is in two parts.

Part 1 lists, as authors, all those who have contributed articles, poetry, reviews and letters and the title of their contribution, abbreviated where required, is listed shown by the issue and, after the colon, the relevant page number(s). A comma is used to separate page numbers in the same issue.

In Part 2, the authors of any reviewed publications are listed both separately and with the actual titles of these publications. Significant subjects covered in the pages of Tinteán and titles of poems or reviewed books, films or plays are listed in Part 2, in italics. Authors of poems are shown with the titles.

Tinteán Index 2012

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  1. Christine Mary Gillespie ,my much loved cousin, was descended not only from the Lalors but also from the less famous Mahons. Our fathers were twins whose Mahon heritage was that of very strong women. The five sisters ,one a nun, were a formidable group who owned and managed the Middle Park ,the Hampton and O’Connells hotels.
    I have lost a friend and a mentor ….I loved her.

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