Posted in January 2020


  As we prepare this edition of Tinteán, Australia is going through a crisis that makes part of the country seem like a war zone. Most of the editorial team live in Melbourne and have been spared the anxieties of the East coast fires, as well as those in South Australia and now the destruction … Continue reading

The Holly Bough – as Cork as Christy Ring

The Holly Bough – as Cork as Christy Ring

  The Holly Bough is one of those unique publications that deserves a heritage rating: indeed, it may already have one. Seventy years ago in Cork and Kerry, it was as much part of Christmas as Santa and the candles perilously lit in curtained windows. Stories, poems, puzzles, games, it kept us busy for days. … Continue reading

From the Papers

The Compensation Culture We have referred on a few occasions in these reports to the way that Ireland seems to have developed a booming industry around compensation for injuries, real or feigned. Now the Independent has written a revealing set of stories describing ways that the legal and the medical professions cooperate to manipulate the … Continue reading

Happiness is …

This is a love story, one that could be easily summarised in a single paragraph, but that would be to demean it. Because it is above all a paean to a simpler time, simpler people and a simpler meaning of happiness. Continue reading

Brigidfest 2020

An annual luncheon at Celtic@Metro celebrating Irish and Irish-Australian women, and the guest speaker is Magistrate Fiona Hayes who will talk about women facing court and justice and human rights issues. Continue reading