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BrigidFest 2021

BrigidFest 2021

BrigidFest speaker, the Hon. Gabrielle Williams, provided much graphic evidence of women’s involvement in the IRA, and in particular their roles as prisoners, and wives, lovers and mothers, and in the no-wash protests and hunger strikes in Armagh Women’s Prison. Continue reading

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The Compensation Culture We have referred on a few occasions in these reports to the way that Ireland seems to have developed a booming industry around compensation for injuries, real or feigned. Now the Independent has written a revealing set of stories describing ways that the legal and the medical professions cooperate to manipulate the … Continue reading


Brexit creeps closer Comment by Sean Farrell ‘When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight it concentrates his mind wonderfully.’ The Brexit Endgame is approaching, with prospects all round ranging from unpalatable to disastrous so Dr Johnson’s remark seems appropriate, certainly in Ireland’s case. Boris Johnson (no relation of Dr Samuel) … Continue reading