Posted in January 2021

Poems from Terry McDonagh

Three Mayo poems from Terry McDonagh’s forthcoming collection, Two Notes for Home: Along The Wild Atlantic Way It’s raining in Killala today.Not a day for whimperingor whinging – only a shower.Doors are still not numbered,two women share an umbrellabut there’s sunlight enough tobacklight a cat in a cosy corner. My name is non-headline.I’m a nosy … Continue reading

New Irish Fiction

Book reviews by Frank O’Shea THE GOOD TURN. By Dervla McTiernan. HarperCollins 2020. 386 pp. ISBN: 978 14607 5679 9 RRP: $32.99 If what you want is a story that grabs you from the opening line and keeps you away from the television and exiled from house duties, here is the book for you. Dervla … Continue reading