Bloomsday Metempsychosed

Boxed first edition of Ulysses, 1922

Nature of Event: Ulysses in the Year of Plague: A Film Festival. Directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean.

In 27 years of existence, Bloomsday in Melbourne has always brought a play inspired by James Joyce to a stage in Melbourne. The New Plague required it to shelve a new play and a new exciting venue not long after it was cast (watch this space). Inspired in part by Joyce’s own survival of the Spanish Flu (he was in Zurich in 1918-9 and it raged around him), Bloomsday has shifted gear and will bring to its Facebook page (and later to the Bloomsday in Melbourne YouTube channel and website) 18 short films, one for each chapter, made under Covid 19 conditions (how to do dialogue? more than two on a screen?), and these will be ‘published’ according to Joyce’s timetable, along with a blog post for those who need to know more. They will start at 8:00am (The Joyce Tower and Eccles St), and occur from then on until late. Bloomsday is pleased to announce that Max Gillies, comedian extraordinaire) has agreed to perform and narrate for the online show.

The script team are aiming to produce films that distil the essence of each chapter, and will also publish a blogsite which extends understanding and supplements the film by indicating other riches to be had in each chapter. As the first Bloomsday internationally, the team hopes to attract an international audience. This may be an opportunity for some to tackle this multifarious, daring and provocative novel for the first time. We wonder if it can be read in 24 hours (by other than a Barry Jones? All praise to Barry O’Jones, Bloomsday in Melbourne’s Patron).

When: 16 June 2020 (when else?) from 8am – 3am 17 June)

Where: Bloomsday in Melbourne’s Facebook Page and website.

Cost: Nil

More information:  The Bloomsday website gives more information about the raison d’être of the films, and how they will be delivered.