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More of Fr Bob’s Musings

More of Fr Bob’s Musings

Last month we had an account of Fr Bob Arthure’s cocooning with the good nuns at Glencairn Abbey where he has found a new interest, writing blogs. Here are some of his writings on St Carthage.    ST CARTHAGE (MOCHUDA) OF LISMORE Traditional feast day: 14 May; Liturgical feast day (since Vatican II): 15 May … Continue reading

The silent grief of voluntary migration

A Personal Narrative on Emigration by Méabh O’Leary Méabh is what is termed a ‘love migrant’ in a ‘mixed marriage’. She said ‘I do’ in ‘home’ sickness and in health to Bruce and to Australia. Managing a dual identity and the issues that arise over the lifecycle of migration led Méabh to be involved with ‘Griefline’ … Continue reading

Floating Prisons

The Surprise, moored at the Cove of Cork, and the Essex, at Kingstown in Dublin Bay (now Dun Laoghaire), were derelict ships which operated as holding prisons for convicts from 1823 until 1837. Continue reading