Extra class on Breaking into Ulysses

Marilyn Monroe reads Molly Bloom

Nature of Event: Ulysses turns 100 in 1922, and it’s a novel people are still catching up with. If you’ve not read it, you might be interested to be helped through a few of its hurdles by two expert exponents of the novel, Frances Devlin-Glass and Steve Carey. The class is an intensive Zooming one and numbers are limited to 15 to ensure interactivity. The topics to be canvassed over four sessions are:

  • The keys to reading Ulysses for the first time
  • Where to get started (and which bits to save till later on)
  • What it’s all about…
  • What Joyce wanted to do with Ulysses
  • Who’s who when he’s at home: a guide to the main characters and to Dublin 1904 (including the historical and political climate)
  • Extracts from the book
  • Guide to online resources and tools
  • Link to the complete audio recording

When: 14 November 2021, 10am -5pm. (This is a repetition of the class to be offered on Zoom on 31 October (it booked out overnight, so early enrolment is recommended).

Booking Details: Trybooking

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