b941fe_eb51f5adadf54da3b4ee855a2d786e3c~mv2Nature of event: Ulysses For Beginners presented by Associate Professor Frances Devlin-Glass (Ph.D., ANU), Director of Bloomsday in Melbourne and Dr Steve Carey DPhil

Where: Celtic Club offices, 420 William St, West Melbourne

When:  Saturday 3rd March 2018 from 10am-5pm

Cost: $80 (concessional rate $60 for students and health-card holders)

Further information:

—Don’t you know he’s dead? says Joe.

—Paddy Dignam dead! says Alf. He’s no more dead than you are.

—Maybe so, says Joe. They took the liberty of burying him this morning anyhow.

When presented with the reviews of his novel in 1922, James Joyce said, rather sadly, ‘Did no-one think it was funny?’ We do. We think Ulysses is the funniest, the wisest and the most human book, and on this day together we want to give you the keys to unlock it, share with you the best bits and invite your own responses to the text.

This interactive course, a mix of presentation and discussion of text, assumes no prior knowledge of Ulysses, although anything you do know will certainly come in handy.

Note: The February session of this course sold out in a flash. You are highly recommended to book now while there’s still tickets

This event is a fundraiser for Bloomsday in Melbourne, enabling us to pay our Director, actors and staff for our annual Bloomsday production. Every cent is going straight to them! Without your support for these events, Bloomsday in Melbourne could not continue. Thank you.

Program: Ulysses For Beginners