BrigidFest 2018

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Nature of Event: The annual luncheon named in honour of Brigid and celebrating Irish women will feature as speaker writer and researcher, Kelly Gardiner.

Late summer, 1593. Two of the most remarkable women of the age met for the first and only time.

Queen Elizabeth I was 60 years old, the autocratic ruler of one of the world’s great naval powers, a brilliant politician, patron of the arts, and one of the country’s most admired monarchs.

Grace O’Malley (Gráinne Ní Mháille, known as Granuaile) was a pirate and a dissident, known as the Queen of Connaught and the surrounding seas, and, according to Elizabeth’s governor, ‘nurse to all rebellions in the province for forty years.’

Date:11 February 2018

Where: Metropolitan Hotel, 36 Courteney St., North Melbourne (right by the Meat Market cultural precinct). Easily accessible by tram.

Cost: $45 for two course meal. Drinks at bar prices.

Bookings: Now open. Book online or phone Anne on 03 9852 0074. Space is limited at the new venue, so patrons are advised to book early.

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