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The silent grief of voluntary migration

A Personal Narrative on Emigration by Méabh O’Leary Méabh is what is termed a ‘love migrant’ in a ‘mixed marriage’. She said ‘I do’ in ‘home’ sickness and in health to Bruce and to Australia. Managing a dual identity and the issues that arise over the lifecycle of migration led Méabh to be involved with ‘Griefline’ … Continue reading

Country and Irish

Book Reviews by Frank O’Shea Daniel O’Donnell with Eddie Rowley. LIVING THE DREAM O’Brien Press, Dublin 2017. 255 pp. ISBN: 978-1-84717-967-8 RRP: €19.99 Daniel O’Donnell is the poster boy for clean-living, Catholic wholesomeness in the world of Irish and international music. A non-smoker and non-drinker, in this book he tells us that during a world cruise … Continue reading

When ‘Fenian’ meant ‘Terrorist’

When ‘Fenian’ meant ‘Terrorist’

A Book Review by Frank O’Shea Steve Harris. THE PRINCE AND THE ASSASSIN. Australia’s First Royal Tour and Portent of World Terror. Melbourne Books, 2017. 326 pp. ISBN: 9781925556131 RRP: $32.95 If someone from a Muslim country were to shoot an Australian politician today, that person would almost certainly be called a terrorist. And just as … Continue reading

Keep me singing, Keep me real. 

Book Review by Hugh Vaughan Gerald Dawe. In Another World: Van Morrison and Belfast. Merrion Press, Dublin Nov 2017. h/b 134 pp ISBN: 9781785371462 RRP: €11.99   And then from outside the frosty window raps She jumps up and says, Lord, have mercy I think it’s the cops And immediately drops everything she gots Down into the … Continue reading