Intensive Course on Ulysses for Beginners

jamesjoyceNature of Event: ‘Penetrating the Impenetrable’: An Intensive Course on James Joyce’s Ulysses for Beginners.

Bloomsday in Melbourne is committed to surmounting the obstacles Joyce perversely puts in the way of reading Ulysses and runs Intensive and more leisurely courses to achieve that. Two experienced teachers and scholars of Joyce, Frances Devlin-Glass and Steve Carey, will conduct an intensive introductory course for novice readers of the novel.  For more information and a curriculum, see the Bloomsday in Melbourne Courses, and participants are invited to contact the presenter for suggestions about preparing for the course.

Bloomsday in 2017 will focus on Ulysses and Joyce’s (subversive) take on smell in its highly original play, Getting up James Joyce’s Nose  (at the Melba Spiegeltent, 14-18 June), so this course is designed to prepare the ground for fuller enjoyment.


If you’ve attempted to read Ulysses and not got more than a few pages or chapters, you belong to a large club.  However daunting the novel appears to be, it can be read with intense pleasure, once a few of the hurdles are surmounted. Bloomsday in Melbourne offers a 6-hour Introduction to Ulysses which casts light on the architecture of Joyce’s baggy monster, its astonishingly detailed main characters and its deep humane comedy and radical ideas.  If there is a call for it, further courses at a more advanced level may be run. This course is a mix of lectures and participation.

When: 25 March 2017, 12.30pm – 6.30pm (with lots of breaks).

Where: Celtic Club, 316-20 Queen Street, Melbourne (wheelchair accessible)

More Information:

Bookings Essential: phone 03 9898 2900, or book online