Once Upon a Barstool



Nature of event: Drama/Epic Poem;
Written and performed by Felix Nobis, Directed by Thomas Conway

Where: The Celtic Club 
316-320 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000

When: Sunday 6th September 2015 @ 3 pm

Cost: $30 ($25 conc. and group concessions)-booking (essential): phone 03 9898 2900 or http://www.trybooking.com/IRCZ or Bloomsday 

Further information: The Celtic Club 
 316-320 Queen Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000; or phone Bob: 03 96706472;
Once Upon Barstool: Bloomsday 

Please bring your friends. Parties of 6 attract a discount. All proceeds, bar an honorarium for the actor, go to Bloomsday 2016, about which we’ll tell you more after the show. Hope to see you there.

 ‘Don’t touch Ireland with chocolate on your fingers!’

What is is about?

A modern day epic poem following four generations of one family from Ireland to Australia and back again. Complete with sea-voyages, battles with monsters, and a bit of boozing, Once Upon a Barstool is a modern adventure in storytelling.

In 1954, Sean says goodbye to his father, turns his back on Ireland and his Irish-ness and sails for a new life in Australia. Fifty years later his son, Stuart, drunk and lonely, finds himself at the bottom of Two-Fold Bay, homesick for a home that he never even knew. Meanwhile, his own son, Mick, an 18 year-old Aussie backpacker, who has arrived in Cork for the first night of his European adventure plays a game of pool he will never forget! And what of the letters, given to Mick by his grandad the night before he left…?

The Performer and Writer
Felix Nobis (Dr. Simon Lloyd, MDA; Rob Griffin, JANUS) is completing a PhD in medieval storytelling at Monash University. He lived for 10 years in Ireland where he wrote a translation of Beowulf, which he toured the world as a one-man show and was praised by Ireland’s Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney as ‘enthralling to a contemporary audience’.

A theatrical experience not to be missed – we do hope you can make it along.

Bloomsday in Melbourne thanks Felix for donating his services as a fundraiser and the Celtic Club for its support.


 Once Upon a Barstool  ‘What a rarity it is to be seduced by the sound of the human voice and the beauty and rhythm of the spoken word: a rarity that Nobis carries through a series of characters as he takes us on a once-upon-a-time epic journey of Irish Australian immigration’. Táin Magazine

‘Unique theatrical territory’. Irish Times

‘It is a real pleasure to hear verse so well spoken as it is in this play’. Melbourne Stage

‘Entertaining, touching and more engaging than anything I have seen in a long time.’  Irish Theatre Magazine

‘Theatrical Gold’.  Impress Magazine