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Elegy for the Corncrake by Michael Boyle

Elegy for the Corncrake by Michael Boyle

An Elegy for the Corncrake (On September 26 2020 local bird watcher Jared Clarke saw a corncrake on the South- east coast of Newfoundland.) Crek craik, crek craik crek craikNear noon on that Saturday mornon the boggy bake apple barrensflushed out by the spottersat a droke close Cape Race.You were only just a couple hours … Continue reading

The silent grief of voluntary migration

A Personal Narrative on Emigration by Méabh O’Leary Méabh is what is termed a ‘love migrant’ in a ‘mixed marriage’. She said ‘I do’ in ‘home’ sickness and in health to Bruce and to Australia. Managing a dual identity and the issues that arise over the lifecycle of migration led Méabh to be involved with ‘Griefline’ … Continue reading

Memories of a 1950s Irish leftie in St Kilda Melbourne

Memories of a 1950s Irish leftie in St Kilda, Melbourne by Dr Dennis Walker The extraordinary cultural mix of St Kilda inevitably brought together people of radically opposing ideologies.   Dr Dennis Walker sheds some light on one aspect of this diversity remembered from his childhood: the Irish immigrant nationalists. My father, Patrick Joseph Walker, was born … Continue reading