Leaving Dublin begins a new life in print

David Monahan mounted a very successful photographic exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne in late 2011.

Tom, Nina, Isaac, Kael and Sophia - Leaving Dublin

Tom, Nina, Isaac, Kael and Sophia – Leaving Dublin

The series is now completed, and David is planning a book which is due to be published later this year. The book will explore the themes suggested in the recent showing of the work called ‘On Leaving’. It will feature the three series of photographs that are central to this treatment of the subject of migration. Essays and critical comment will also form a central plank of the topic. The resultant book will be a testament to this particular exodus period, an effort to add depth to future discussions when this migratory movement is just a memory.

The book will feature every photograph from the leaving Dublin series as double page spreads, a series of visitation photographs from around the world (the new homes and locations of a large group of participants), and a poignant look at the locations where the Leaving series were made, shot close to dawn and from an entirely different perspective.

This will result in a book of some 340 pages 25x34cm in size and weighing in at around 2.4k, so a handsome physical production. Having settled on a design, printing houses have been contacted with a specification. Production costs are expected to be high and David Monahan is proposing to use a crowd funding platform, Fundit, a ‘business to arts’ organisation in Dublin, making possible arts projects that are costly to mount.

With a run of only 1000 copies, David wishes to ensure that parties interested in the work, especially those who saw it at  The Immigration Museum, Melbourne, are informed and aware of the offer when it takes place.

David is very aware that a publication was not available at the time of the show and feels that this will be of compelling interest to those who were genuinely interested in the works on show.

For more information, see Fundit.


One thought on “Leaving Dublin begins a new life in print

  1. I went to this photographic exhibition, in 2011 at The Immigration Museum Melbourne. The photographs were impressive and the back lighting was wonderful.

    I was not impressed with the Artist Statement. Here I am not quoting but relying on my memory and impressions. In my view none of the people featured in the photographs were particularly heroic, (word heroic was used in the statement). Millions have left Ireland for many reasons, hunger, poverty, adventure, exile, deportation, eviction, driven out, religious persecution, The Late Late Show, sexuality, weather, lack of opportunities, unemployment, racism, being pregnant & not married, having an opinion, the tax office, lack of Public phones, CIE and the number 83. I could give you a million reasons but will stop here.
    Some of the destinations Australia, USA, Sweden and Scotland! Can you emigrate from one EU country to another? Am I missing something here?
    A migrant in Melbourne…born and raised Dublin.


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