Who Says ‘Ulysses’ is too Difficult to Read?

jamesjoyceNature of event:  Lecture: Who Says Ulysses is too difficult to read? A guide for the perplexed novice reader of James Joyce’s masterpiece  by Bloomsday in Melbourne’s Director, Dr. Frances Devlin-Glass

Where: Brighton Library, Wilson St. Brighton

When: Sunday 18 May, 2.00-4.00pm

Cost: $5

Booking Essential (Places limited to 40):  online

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This lecture explores why it is that most readers have difficulty reading Ulysses. It provides some pointers for reading the big, apparently ‘baggy monster’ that is Ulysses. Dr. Frances Devlin-Glass, who has taught Joyce for 35 years, hopes to provide some insight into what its admirers enjoy about it: in particular its astonishingly realised characters, its literary experimentalism and its radicalism in the arena of ideas.  This lecture is part of the Words by the Bay, Bayside Literary Series.Baysidelogo