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Bloomsday in Melbourne

29th Annual Festival

Nature of Events: To celebrate a hundred years of Ulysses, Bloomsday will have launched on 4 June 2022 its new feature film, Love’s Bitter Mystery, a new stage-play directed by Carl Whiteside, and a seminar and dinner.


Love’s Bitter Mystery

The film will be available for streaming at https://www.the-scene.net/lovesbittermystery-watchpage on Bloomsday.

Set in Paris and Dublin in 1903-4, it poses the question: how does a young nobody become the most lionized author of the twentieth century?​ Filmed in the stately setting of the spookily atmospheric Victorian mansion Villa Alba, this brand new film features love, death, sex and violence…and the two powerful women who made James Joyce.


Yes I will Yes!

On 15-25 June 2022, Yes I will Yes! premieres on the stage at The MC Showroom a brand new free adaptation of the final chapter of Ulysses, Yes I will Yes!

Molly Bloom – earthy, vulgar, feisty – is reinvented for the centenary of James Joyce’s infamous banned classic. Forced to choose between a rich adulterer with a vicious glint in his eye and an all-too-familiar husband in Leopold Bloom, Molly reveals herself as never before, the celebrated toast of Gibraltar, Dublin and the world. Bloomsday presents the world premiere of a riotously funny and shockingly frank adaptation of the (in)famous final chapter of Ulysses. There will be 11 performances. For details on dates and times, see http://www.bloomsdayinmelbourne.org.au

Both Love’s Bitter Mystery and Yes I will Yes! are supported by the Embassy of Ireland and the Irish Government


16 June 2022, 4pm: The Annual Seminar with Professor Kuch and Associate Professor Frances Devlin-Glass will take place at The MC Showroom. More information here.


16 June 2022, at 6pm: The Annual Dinner, and entertainment at Ines Wine Bar, 150 Chapel St.., Windsor (7 minutes walk from theatre).

Book for Stage Show, Yes I Will Yes!

Book for Film, Seminar and Dinner.

‘Catching Joyce’:

A Centenary Symposium at Newman College

Nature of Event:  Stephen Dedalus famously declared his intention to ‘fly by’ the nets of nationality, language and religion. One hundred years after the publication of UIysses (1922), this symposium asks where Joyce might be ‘caught’ in the widest senses of that word. 

 Where: The Oratory, Newman College, University of Melbourne 

When: 9am-5.30pm, 16 June 2022 

Where: The Oratory, Newman College.

All welcome. Contact: Ronan.McDonald@unimelb.edu.au

Schedule of papers:

9-9.15am Ronan McDonald Welcome Symposium Opening. 

9.15-10.45am SESSION 1 

Julian Murphet, Ulysses: a post-pandemic fiction 

Monty Patton, Re-joycing 

Conall Cash, Impersonality and Devastation: Flaubert, Joyce, Morrison 

10.45-11.15am BREAK 

11.15-12.45am SESSION 2 

Abigail Fisher, ‘Like a score for a particular chemical orchestra’: Reading Ulysses with Osip Mandelstam, Jorge Luis Borges, Luciano Berio, and Kate Bush 

Jonathan Dunk, Playing the Ghost: Mimesis and Spectral Time in Stephen Dedalus’ Hamlet-theory’ 

Justin Clemens, Hunting in Ulysses 

12.45-1.45pm LUNCH 

1.45-2.45pm SESSION 3 

Jeremy George, Words like fat in the fire: Ulysses and the Australian Epic 

Joshua Barnes, Conjectures on Unoriginal Composition: Rereading Reproduction in ‘Oxen of the Sun’ 

3.15 – 3.45pm SESSION 4 

Ronan McDonald, ‘Will they wrest from us, from me, the palm of beauty’: Aesthetic Economics in ‘Scylla and Charybdis’ 

Sascha Morrell, The Body and Consumption in Ulysses 




Nature of Event: Centenary of Bloomsday Celebration. With a Gorgonzola cheese and mustard sandwich and a glass of Burgundy in hand, join fellow members and guests for a Bloomsday celebration of the centenary of Ulysses, led by Deirdre Gillespie. Readings, chat, music, maybe even a few suitable outfits, but above all, accessible and fun! Your ticket price includes a drink on arrival, some Bloomsday-themed nibbles and a great night’s entertainment.

When: 16 June 2022

Where: Buck Mulligans, 217 High Street, Northcote

Bookings: https://celticclub.co

Bloomsday in Perth

With the Irish Club Western Australia, Orange Grove, Western Australia

An evening of entertainment to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s masterpiece, Ulysses. We will be showcasing the talent of the finalists in this year’s Bloomsday Challenge and you, the audience, will be invited to choose the winner. Ciaran O’Sullivan will add to the richness of the evening with his music. Doors open at 7pm for a 7.30pm sharp start.

For more information and a map, see https://happeningnext.com/event/bloomsday-2022-eid3a08stw95b

James Joyce’s Ulysses in 80 days

with Trinity College Book Club

Here’s a good idea for something new to pass away the Australian winter days with others who are enjoying ‘the bright summer months’. This article from irishcentral.com reports an initiative from Trinity College, Dublin to engage a worldwide public in reading James Joyce’s Ulysses in this the100th year of its publication.

You can buy a copy of the first edition online for $423,000,000, or you can read the book online at https://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks/fr100003.html

From irishcentral.com (slightly edited)

Ever felt James Joyce’s masterpiece book, Ulysses, was just not for you? Have you been intimidated by the novel’s 700-odd pages? Or put off by the author’s reputation for linguistic acrobatics?

If so, this initiative is for you: ‘Ulysses’ in 80 Days is a book club launched by a group of determined readers who plan to read ‘Ulysses’ in 80 days in summer 2022, and who are inviting anyone interested to join them.

Accessible by email and Twitter, ‘Ulysses in 80 Days’ aims to democratize Joyce’s wonderful epic novel, based on the events of a single day in Dublin, and celebrate 100 years since the book’s first publication in Paris, by Sylvia Beach’s Shakespeare and Company, in 1922.

Prof. Cliona O’Farrelly said: ‘We believe Ulysses is for everyone, not just academics. We’ll be inviting people from around the world to join us on our reading journey by email, Facebook and Twitter. We aim to complete the whole book in 80 days and so will tackle approximately 6-8 pages a day – surely something anyone might accomplish during the bright summer months.’

The initiative will work as follows: at 7am on each day, a message will be posted on the dedicated website Ulysses80.ie, and on Twitter as well as emailed to members who have signed up on the website, giving the first words and the last words of the section to be read that day, together with the line numbers (from the Gutenberg Press edition).  The relevant page numbers of several printed editions will also be posted on our website. Members can be listeners as well as, or instead of, readers if a podcast version of Ulysses is preferred. TikTok fans are encouraged to take part as well.

Book club members will be invited to contribute their thoughts, comments and insights – and maybe even dance moves – about the day’s section using the hashtag #Ulyssesin80. 

By Bloomsday (which marks the date in 1904 when the novel is set) on June 16th, 2022, readers will have reached the middle of its 8th ‘episode’, Lestrygonians, and will be ‘in’ Davy Byrne’s Pub in time for Leopold Bloom’s famous lunch of a Gorgonzola sandwich with a glass of Burgundy.  On that day, everyone in the #Ulyssesin80 Book Club across the globe will be invited to raise a glass together to celebrate reaching the quarter-way mark, as they head in towards the more challenging episodes of the book. 

The last episode, [number 18, ‘Penelope’], Molly Bloom’s eight-sentence soliloquy, will be read over ten days in August. Day 80, the last day of the journey when we can all say ‘Yes Yes Yes’ (echoing Molly) with great relief and celebration, falls on August 19.

For more information on Trinity College’s ‘Ulysses in 80 Days’ book club visit https://ulysses80.ie/

Bloomsday in Brisbane