From the Papers

Kinahan unwanted.

MTK global was a multinational promoter of boxing. Unfortunately, the K in their name was for Daniel Kinahan, the Dublin drug lord who helped set up the company in 2012. His involvement with the company ended in 2017, but that was not enough for the Americans  who put a worldwide ban on anything involving Kinahan. MTK has now ceased operations.  

It was announced also that the UAE were unhappy to have the Dubliner living among them. They have put controls on his financial interests, though what they will involve is not clear.

Leaving Russia

Kingspan, the Cavan-based group specialising in insulation products, has pulled out of Russia. They have some 250 workers there and have followed other major Irish companies like Cement Roadstone, Kerry Group and Smurfit who have all pulled out of Russia and Belarus, following the invasion of Ukraine.

Myers says Thank You

In our November 2021 Tintean, we reviewed the Kevin Myers book Burning Heresies. We noted that he had won a substantial sum from RTE for defamation. Some of that money was used in April for a sit-down thank-you dinner at the Michelin star restaurant in the Merrion Hotel. Invited were his supporters and those who stood by him in his difficult days. Asked for the attendance list, he said that he would rather ‘put his head on an anvil’ than comply with such a request.

Russia Again

A reporter on a Russian television channel described how an undersea thermonuclear device launched off the coast of Donegal could raise a 500-metre tsunami that would submerge Ireland and Britain. It is known that the tv station is a strong supporter of Putin; we imagine that there is no similar station in Australia or the USA!