From the Papers

Photograph: Frances Devlin-Glass

The meaning of sport.

In Ireland, we remember him as the man who helped Ronnie Delaney to his feet after the Dublin man won the 1500-metres at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics. In Australia he (112) is recalled as the man who helped Ron Clarke (114) after the latter tripped in the final of the mile race at the Australian championships earlier that year. John Landy, who was Governor of Victoria 2001-2006, died at the end of February after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 91. RIP.

There is an older generation in Ireland for whom the first Australian name they ever heard was that of John Landy. Ní bheidh a leithéid ann arís.

Make that contact

Tinteán does not keep up-to-date with Irish newspapers, but the few we check did not seem to have much mention of the Australian floods.

If you live outside Australia and have a friend or family member anywhere on the east coast of Australia and its 500-km hinterland, they would appreciate a How-Are-You email or phone call.

New Public Holiday

From 2023, the first Monday in February is to be a public holiday. It will be called St Brigid’s Day.