Restoration of Images of the Founders

A Report by Peter Gavin

Founding Fathers of the Celtic Club – Restoration of a vintage honour board.

The Celtic Club Melbourne was successful in securing a grant under the Emigrant Support Programme to restore the Club’s founders’ picture and create a digital copy and a smaller print copy. 

This magnificent and invaluable collage painting is a historical document featuring the Club’s initial purpose in supporting Home Rule, showing who were our founding fathers and early presidents including such notable characters as Dr. Michael O’Sullivan and Morgan Jaguers. Various iconic Irish and Australian emblems are included in the picture.  

The picture required a degree of restoration as well as a protective glass cover. The delicate and damaged frame needed major restoration.  

To safeguard against any future damage/deterioration a digital copy has been made of the restored painting. 

The project preserved one of the Club’s most historical artefacts which through the generations was and will be treasured by its member, visitors and friends that visit the Club and will strengthen the links between Ireland and the Global Irish. 

Under the grant the Club paid half of the costs of the project. 

Peter Gavin heads the Cultural Heritage Committee of the Celtic Club of Melbourne