Conversations with the soul about reincarnation and other inconveniences

4 — 5 JUNE 2019

Southbank Theatre, The Lawler

PRESENTED BY Redfinch productions

‘Mr President, when I look into your eyes I see a man who does not have a soul.’

 75 minutes with no interval



An encounter between President Vladimir Putin and Vice President Joseph Biden in Moscow leads to a fantastical passage through the portals of eternity. Why would a soul leave a human being? Why would it choose to come to one in the first place? Which way tends your soul? Do you have one at all? Does anyone? James McCaughey, in performance with Matthew Horsley, on the Uilleann Pipes, asks these questions in Vlad & Me. But don’t trust the answers.

James McCaughey has performed Conversations with the Gods about their Deaths and Other Matters and Homer Prepares, a journey through the Iliad.

In Vlad & Me, he brings his wry and questioning style to bear on the question of the soul and its passage through people’s lives. He probes beneath the surface of things and finds there much to laugh about  – and some solemn things to ponder.

Witches burned at the stake.  A submarine stranded at the bottom of the Barents Sea. Irish soul music. A soul having an affair in Geneva. What connects all these? Two souls – and their journey through two lives. How many lives can a soul have? How does it choose where it goes? Is it for good, is it for ill? Is it male or female? Does it know what is going on or not? What music does it prefer? How can you make it happy to be with you?

Seeking out communication with his own soul, James McCaughey is hunted down by someone else’s – looking for the ultimate explanation of the soul’s course through time. The soul as real, the soul as unreal. The soul as trophy, the soul as impatient lover, the soul as unreliable friend, the soul as pilgrim.

An unreliable guide to the soul’s passage through eternity.