Where Our Name Came From


Children from Derrycreha primary school near Glengarriff, Co Cork.

This is the seanfhocal (old saying: pron. shan occal, stress on second syllable) from which our magazine is named. It comes from a simpler time, before radio and television, before pubs on every corner, when neighbours would meet at night in each other’s homes to discuss politics, tell stories, have the newspaper read to them. The literal translation is,

                    There is no fireplace like your own fireplace

which is merely an Irish version of ‘There’s no place like home.’

The region shown is the Beara peninsula. The writing, bottom left, reads,

      A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams.

We asked the children who made the poster to say something about their school and their part of the world. Here is what they wrote for us

Beara is a very welcoming community, full of very nice people, we see lots of cruises during the summer. I am very lucky to live here. (Muireann age 10yrs)
The Beara Peninsula is amazing, the views of the sea (The Atlantic Ocean) are fabulous and the mountains are rare and special. Glengarriff Village is very small but it is busy in the summertime when the tourists come to take in the amazing views. I love our community. (Aoife, age 11)
West Cork is one of the most spectacular places in Ireland because everyone is very kind and there are great views wherever you go. Derrycreha National School is a spectacular school with loads of talent. (Conor 11)
I love it in Glengarriff because we have amazing views, lovely people and a great community. We are so lucky to have AMAZING views, not everyone has such a landscape outside their window. Derrycreha is a very small, family-like school, we are very lucky (Lucy 12)
I love living in Beara and I’m very lucky to live here. In Glengarriff, we are a very tight community where everyone knows everyone. We thrive with our beautiful scenery and clean, fresh air. We are a very close family in Derrycreha there are only 41 of us (pupils). It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. (Niamh 12yrs)
There are beautiful views from our school, we have amazing people and great fun. I love my school because all my friends are there. It is so gorgeous. We often take it for granted but tourists love the scenery. Our teacher is really good to us. We have a great school perched on the side of the peninsula overlooking out to the Atlantic Ocean. There is an amazing atmosphere in Glengarriff. The view of the harbour is breathtaking. (Abbey 10yrs)