The Rise of Irish Australia documentary now available to stream 

Notice of Film Available to stream.

A recent documentary which charts the impact of Ireland’s 1916 Easter Rising in Australia is now available for streaming. 

The Rise of Irish Australia was recently broadcast on RTE and SBS and now can be viewed streamed or purchased online.
The documentary uncovers how in the midst of World War One, the executions of the leaders of Ireland’s Easter Rising would influence the Irish Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Daniel Mannix to take a public stance against the question of conscription facing the Australian people.
A bitter sectarian divide opened in Australian society, as an Irish-Australian Catholic force, which would shape the political and social trajectory of Australia, was forged.
The documentary was written and directed by Eoin Hahessy and produced by Sarah Kelly with funding from The University of Melbourne and the Embassy of Ireland in Australia.

It is with sadness that we note that Eoin Hahessy and Sarah Kelly and their toddler are returning to Ireland, after a busy few years in Australia.