Dear Tinteán Reader,

Shauna Stanley

This is the first of our bi-monthly issues and gives us the opportunity to introduce Shauna Stanley, the newest member of our editorial collective.

Shauna comes from Slane, Co Meath and is a graduate in Law from Trinity College Dublin. She has been living in Melbourne for just over a year and works in the County Court of Victoria. She brings to our group a youthful enthusiasm and an understanding of modern trends and aspects of modern living that are measured in diminishing amounts among her fellow-editors.

One of Shauna’s first projects was setting up a Facebook page for Tinteán. We urge all our readers to check it out at https://www.facebook.com/tinteanmagazine/ and interact with it in the modern way that one does.

We will continue with our normal series of articles on Irish and Irish-Australian interest and would love to hear from readers wishing to contribute such material; we would be happy to help anyone who has such a story and we would assist in preparing it for publication.

This month, we lead with an update on the quite extraordinary story of Joanne Hayes, which has become known as the Kerry Babies case. We welcome your comments on this or on any of our articles; space is provided at the end of each story for such comments.

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  1. Welcome Shauna
    Looking forward to reading about events and articles from the 21 century.

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