The Lake School 2018


Lake School kids at Ceildhe

Event: The Lake School Launch and Local Business Meet and Greet

Where: The Commercial Hotel, Koroit

When: 4pm on Saturday July 22 2017

Cost: Free Entry

Further information: LS-eflyer-Launch-2017

 Some of you may be very familiar with this event that has been run annually every January in Koroit since 2000.

We are also aware that, because the event is held at a time of year when many locals are away and nowadays most of the people who organise the event live in Melbourne, some of you may not know much about it.

Geoff Legend shot Full SizeRenderFor Lake School people (organisers and attendees) the same applies – we have been visiting your town for nearly twenty years, and apart from publicans and food service owners and staff, we have a limited chance to meet the rest of the people who live and work in the town year round.

To give ourselves the opportunity to meet you and discuss with you the Lake School and its place in Koroit, the Lake School Launch is returning to Koroit after a number of years of being held at alternate venues around Victoria – Melbourne, Apollo Bay and Portarlington.

About The Lake School

_MG_9654The Lake school is a week-long music camp held annually every January from the 2nd to the 7th.

It brings about 500 people into the town to learn celtic music and instruments like fiddle, whistle, guitar, bodhran, harp.

There are also programs for poetry, songwriting, singing and dancing. The event is suitable for all ages 5-90 and is very family friendly, with a Children’s Program every morning to allow Mum and Dad to attend their own lessons while the kids are in class with the qualified child care staff running the Children’s Program.

Most attendee’s shop, eat and sleep in Koroit for that week. You may have noticed sessions at both pubs, events in the theatre, schools and local area.

There is a considerable upside to the event, as similar events in Ireland and US for example, attract international tourists from all over the world.

What To Expect At The Meet And Greet

We are planning a fairly informal get together – hopefully lots of talk, and a few drinks and perhaps some nibbles. Also, we ask you to ‘Lift your glass and join us’ in a chorus. This will be the Koroit premiere of Lou Hesterman’s song ‘Prayer for Eireann’

We hope you will also stay on to enjoy the festivities associated with the Lake School Launch later in the evening at Mickey Bourkes’ Hotel.

_MG_9410We thank you for having us as part of your community for the last 18 years and would be very interested to hear if you have any skills to share, or ideas that we could incorporate, to make this an even more inclusive event in the future.

I look forward to meeting you at the Commercial Hotel at 4pm on Saturday July 22 2017.

Best wishes
Felix Meagher, Program Director, Lake School