Touring Banjo

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUyAAAAJDU3MDdlNTZiLTU4ZDAtNGI5OC05NTYzLTI5ZDgzMDQ3ZmZmYwEvent:  Launch of  Touring Banjo: The Waltzing Matilda Musical – The Man They Call The Banjo

Where: Australian History Theatre, 36 St. Edmonds Rd, Prahran, Vic.
(Doors/bar open for drinks from 3 pm)

When: Saturday May 13 at 4pm

Cost and bookings:  Try Booking: or visit The Australian History Theatre Box Office 

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An exciting new event for theatre goers, music lovers and history buffs is being launched on Saturday May 13 with a performance of The Man They Call The Banjo under the umbrella of MIV – Mechanics’ Institutes Victoria’s Touring Banjo. Touring Banjo is the first of an ambitious series of Australian Historical Shows to be performed at The Mechanics’ Institutes and Athenaeums throughout Victoria during 2017-18 and beyond. In partnership with Bushwahzee and CAA – Wyndham Arts Alliance, MIV Touring Arts will  launch Touring Banjo at the newly formed Australian History Theatre in the Freemasons’ Building (supper room) at 36 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran (directly opposite the Prahran Mechanics’ Institute and its iconic Victorian Local History Library).

Get a table of friends together and come and see the musical – based on the book, Waltzing Matilda – The Secret Story of Australia’s Favourite Song  by Dennis O’Keeffe – that tells The Great Australian Love Story –  the secret affair between Banjo Paterson and Christina Macpherson as they wrote the classic Australian song Waltzing Matilda.  Set during the shearer’s strike of 1894, The Man They Call The Banjo captures the angst between   the shearers and the squatters, the forbidden romance,  the love triangle and the mystery  surrounding the death of  Australia’s most famous character – The Jolly Swagman

Written by: Felix Meagher and Dennis O’Keeff
Directed by: Wolf Heidecker
Tom Carty: Banjo Paterson,
Stephanie Elise: Christina Macpherson
Colin Driscoll: The Swagman
Cora Browne: Sarah Riley
Felix Meagher: The Squatter
Musicians: Ewen Baker & Lou Hesterman