Irish History Circle Kicks Off

Nature of Event: The inaugural talk for the Irish History Circle Revisited is about to happen.

There will be two speakers for the evening, Brian Gillespie and Maeve O’Leary.

An (abbreviated) Irish History Timeline, sourced from Know It All.

An (abbreviated) Irish History Timeline, sourced from Know It All.

Brian Gillespie will talk about the most influential person in Ireland’s history.   Who are the candidates?
Maeve O’Leary will lead us through the past history of Moore Street, an important extant battlefield site to the Irish nation, to it’s current status of being a national monument.  The entire quarter was a battlefield in the 1916 Easter Rising that inspired people, suffering under colonialism and imperialism, to rise up and reclaim their independence.   Moore Street is the birthplace of the Irish Republic.
About the speakers
Brian is a long standing member of the IHC, amateur historian and sometimes history playwright.
Maeve is a member of the Irish Language Association, a supporter of all the various Save Moore Street groups in Ireland and, during visits to her homeland, gives talks on the area’s rich history.
When:  7.30pm, Monday 20 February
Where:   2nd floor, Celtic Club, 316 Queen St., Melbourne
Cost:   Free
Information:Any questions or queries please feel free to contact the Gillespies on 03 9372 9170
Future meeting – how can you contribute?
You are invited to submit topics/speakers which you feel could be of interest to the general community.  The IHC is looking for social as well as political and military stories so the field is wide open!

Everyone welcome.