Letter to the Editor

The Editor, Tinteán.  
Dear Madam, It was a delight for me to read The Age report of 24 November 2015 of the appointment of two female senior counsels at the Bar.
One was Aine Meadhbh Magee, a daughter of Jack and Muriel Magee who brought her to this country from Dublin in 1960 as a little girl. I congratulate Aine and do so on behalf of all those who remember her parents with great affection.
Jack and Muriel Magee were prominent in Irish affairs here  and were widely popular. They were staunch Republicans and tireless workers for a united Ireland in the tradition of Wolfe Tone and the United Irishmen. They worked tirelessly for civil rights both here and in Ireland.  An erudite couple of great charm , how proud they would be of their daughter. Well done Aine.
Peter Kiernan.
(cf. obituaries of Jack in Táin, Vol.2 p. 31 and of Muriel in Vol.20 p.31 ).