Ned’s Nemesis

1. Sir Redmond Barry

Sir Redmond Barry

Graham Fricke, a former County Court judge and Visiting Professor at Deakin University, will be attending the performance of Barry versus Kelly at Beechworth on 8 August. He has written more than a dozen books, all of which have been favourably reviewed. His Ned’s Nemesis received the following commendations:

The book really gets into its stride examining the ins and outs of the Kelly trial – especially the ineptitude of Kelly’s lawyer.

(Steven Carroll, The Age, 21 April 2007.)

The merit of Fricke’s book is that it examines the [Kelly] trial from the perspective of the judge as well as the accused…A highly recommended, thought-provoking and timely publication, Ned’s Nemesis adds to the corpus of knowledge of our legal history and still resonates in 2007.

(A Ray, Law Institute Journal, December 2007.)

His book, which is written in plain English, will be available at the Hotel Nicholas in Beechworth on 8 August for $19.50, and he will be happy to sign copies. Further details of his books are contained in