Barry versus Kelly At Beechworth Kelly Festival


Barry v Kelly

Nature of event: Bushwahzee Productions presents the ‘Barry versus Kelly’  the successful play by Felix Meagher

Where: Hotel Nicholas Beechworth Vic 

When:  Saturday 8th August at 1.15pm as part of the Beechworth Kelly Weekend

Further information: Media contact:  Felix Meagher 0413-801294;  Kelly YouTube

Barry Versus Kelly, Produced by Bushwahzee,
Features Anthony Penhall as Ned Kelly.
A musical drama by Felix Meagher (with additional music by Lou Hesterman and Cyril Moran) about the trial and execution of Ned Kelly in November 1880. Barry Versus Kelly focuses on the confrontation between Ned and the Judge, Sir Redmond Barry.
Barry, whose harsh sentencing of Ned’s mother, Ellen, to three years goal  in 1878 sparked the Kelly Outbreak, is haunted by Ned’s last words to him.’I will see you where I go.’ Barry is fiercely determined to see Irish rebels like Ned Kelly punished, but he fears he might be making a martyr out of Ned.
Declining in health and suffering delusions, Barry wrestles with his  conscience  and the fears that his family in Ireland sees him as a traitor.
Meanwhile Ellen Kelly, on the day before the hanging, sings to Ned that he is the Loyal Son.
Barry finally signs the papers that condemn Kelly and in a dying speech asks that his family be told that ‘I took a rebel with me.’
Ned Kelly                         Anthony Penhall
Judge Barry                    Felix Meagher
Ellen Kelly                      Cora Browne
Chief Secretary Berry   Danny Spooner
Chloe                              Luci Barratt
Cyril Moran & Lou Hesterman
Produced by Bushwahzee
 The Ned Kelly Weekend is presented by the Beechworth Historical Re-enactment Group
 Bushwahzee Media Contact: Felix Meagher 0413-801294