In Search of Owen Roe: a new play by an O’Neill

Nature of Event: In Search of Owen Roe O’Neill

Vanessa O'Neill for La mama_ 4025

Vanessa O’Neill fot La Mama

A new Australian play about Irish forebears and failure is a play about a search for family and also about a famous Irish hero of the seventeenth century and his descendants. Written and performed by Vanessa O’Neill, it is an engaging and powerful piece of storytelling – a weaving together of stories from the past and their resonances with the present. It features a range of characters, an evocative sound design, and richly nuanced text. and poses these questions:

  • How much of our ancestry do we carry with us?
  • What is left if we lose our memories?
  • Does an Irish heritage always result in a weakness for Irish men?

It has done a season on the Fringe in Edinburgh as well as being showcased at La Mama and elicited warm responses from its critics.

When: 24 June -5 July, Wed. Fri. 6.30pm; Thurs & Sat, 8.30pm; Sunday 4pm

Where: La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton, Vic.

Cost: $25 Full; $15 conc.

More information and Booking:, or phone 03 9347 6142.  See also Tinteán interview with Vanessa O’Neill.

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