(Very) Short Joycean Film Showcase

Nature of Event:  The (very) Short Joyce Film Showcase is a competition to make a 5 minute film, based on a fragment of James Joyce’s Ulysses. It is open to any film-maker.  Entries close 31 May, but,K-Fai-bloom_copy_op_800x774-460x445 if you’ve not begun, there is another way of participating. Bloomsday in Melbourne will be collaborating with Filmonik, the Melbourne chapter of an international organisation, devoted to making short films in a weekend. Bloomsday will supply suggestions for films, and some consultants to work on them with teams of film-makers and actors. So, if you’re keen to share your Joyce-reading expertise, act, make films, or be gopher, you’re welcome. Join this activity at Library at the Dock on 6-7 June, 2015. There is a $500 prize for the best entry, and if suitable, the winning entry will be screened at the Bloomsday Dinner on 16 June.

When:  6-7 June 2015

Where:  Library at the Dock

Cost: Free

More information: Phone Steve on http://filmonik.com.au/make-a-film-in-one-weekend/