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The Irish Embassy in Canberra has been contacted by Stacey Cannon, the National GAA Health & Wellbeing Coordinator for the GAA in Croke Park, about  the development of a resource pack for GAA members, but also the wider community living in Australia. (The decision to involve themselves in this area grew from responses to the loss of one of their members in Australia). The suggestion is that it would be helpful to provide their members – and other members of the diaspora – with more information on moving to Australia including the services Irish migrants can access.

As a first step the GAA has developed a questionnaire to get views and ideas from their members in Australia. This was circulated throughout their GAA network.

In order to make the resource pack more generally relevant, the GAA administration is now looking to broaden the response base for the questionnaire. To this end, they have requested the assistance of the Irish Embassy in bringing it to the attention of Irish groups in Australia.

The questionnaire can be found here:

Organisations (and individuals) are encouraged to respond to the questionnaire and, if possible, circulate it to their membership.

The main contact point in the GAA for this project is Stacey Cannon.

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