Kissing the Blarney as it Flies….

Kissing the Blarney As It Flies 2Nature of Event:    “Kissing the Blarney As It Flies”, presented by Nicki Na Meadhra, is a personal story about discovering  Irish roots and the story of my ancestors, who arrived in Hobson’s Bay in the late 1800s, in a ship called the Red Jacket. It is woven together with personal anecdotes, songs and traditional stories.

When: Thursday 21 August, at 5.30pm for about 50 minutes

Where: Docklands Library


Presented by Storytelling Australia (Victoria) in collaboration with the Melbourne Library Service, are putting on a series of free storytelling events called “Words On The Wind.” This event is at Docklands, at the beautiful new Library at the Docks, upstairs in their beautiful theatrette. All the shows in the series have a link to the Docklands harbour area.

APOLOGIES for late notice. Just arrived on ed’s desk today!