Comhaltas Monthly Instrumental Workshops

Anthony O'NeillNature of Event:  Monthly Melbourne Comhaltas Workshops.

When: Anthony O’Neil will bring a guitar, mandolin and fiddle on 28 May  and a Flute Workshop will take place  with Lynnell Moran on 25 June 2014, 8-9pm

Where: St. Philip’s Church Hall, Hoddle St., Abbotsford.

Cost: $10 (includes supper)

More Information: Contact Dee  93177681 or Mary 94354435 or go to Comhaltas website.


One thought on “Comhaltas Monthly Instrumental Workshops

  1. “Congratulations Tony” I am certain your ‘Workshops’ will be as good as it gets, if not better. I have wonderful memories of about 17 years ago now, when Pat McKernan,
    Raymond Ayres, and his incredible Dancers, and your good self, used to travel all the way to Mildura where I was living at the time, to ‘spearhead’ Concerts that with help
    I used to organise for ‘good causes’. Everybody there loved you all, and will never forget your great sense of humour and attitude, we even had a few ‘sessions’ after
    the Concerts, as you will remember well Tony. I no longer live in Mildura, but when I speak to Friends there over the phone, they always ask if I have seen any of you lately. I still have some photos from that time, maybe I will show them to you one day. On a personal ‘note’ for me Tony I have always regarded you as not just a wonderful Multi Talented Fine Musician, but also a decent Human Being, whom I am proud to have met, and played a few tunes with. For those who have planned to attend your Workshops Tony, who may have never met you, (however, most will have met you) all I can say is they will find a brilliant Musician with not one ‘self centred’ ‘self opinionated’ bone in his body. Maybe one day or night Tony ‘down the track’ I would love to meet up again,
    and when you next have a tune with my old Friend Paddy Fitzgerald, another fine
    Musician, give him my best regards. Just to finish, the ‘Paddle Steamer’ that you played your Fiddle on so well, as we travelled down the Majestic Murray River, is the
    one that partially capsized recently, I felt sad about what happened, but my memory
    was full of the wonderful Music played on that Trip on the Murray by both yourself,
    and one of the best Concertina Players that ever hailed from the County Mayo,
    my long time Friend Michael Oates. As they might say in County Cavan, the Land of your Ancestors, “you do not just play the tune Tony, you become the tune, because your music comes from somewhere deep down inside your big heart”

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