Tinteán Submissions: a note to contributors

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Tinteán is a special interest online magazine. Submissions are peer-reviewed by an editorial group with backgrounds in education, history, Irish language, the law, literature, and writing. We are Irish-born or of Irish descent, and we seek to foster the Australian Irish heritage through Tinteán and its articles. Tinteán would not be the success it is today without contributions from the public in the form of article submissions.

Please note that as a not-for-profit group we are unable to pay for submissions.

We welcome book, film, music, and theatre reviews; research articles on anthropology, archaeology, culture, genealogy, gender, history, music, sociology, sport, theatre, the law; creative fiction, including poetry; and non-fiction, including travel items that will be of interest to our readers in Australia and internationally. We would also welcome expressions of interest to train as an editor.

We have subscribers in 117 countries and on every continent. Our authors have been Irish-born and Irish resident; Irish-born and Australian resident or resident in other countries; Australian-born of Irish descent; or simply interested and involved in the Australian-Irish connection.  

How to submit

Other than poetry submissions, please submit items with a word count of between 500 and 2500 words, in Word. Please do not send a PDF. Word counts outside of those suggested may be negotiated. We are willing to work with authors on submissions in order to best serve our readers, so do not hesitate to offer a submission. We expect authors to provide proper attribution to sources they have used for their research, and to provide relevant images with attribution.

While we prefer submissions that have not been published previously, we have made exceptions in the past. If your submission, or part of it, has appeared in print already, please identify the publication, and secure the publisher’s permission to republish with due acknowledgements of the original publisher, and email us with evidence that you have done so.

 Please include a short biographical note at the end of your submission. You can see examples at the end of previous articles in Tinteán. See tintean.org.au

While Tinteán reserves the right to reject submissions, all submissions will be read and feedback provided. Please submit to dymphnalonergan@gmail.com in the first instance.