A postcard from my sister

by Eda Payne

A Postcard from my sister

I look with longing on the scene
so isolated, far away.
I want to be there in a cottage
whose grey roof blends
with the pebbles on the beach,
the granite in the hills behind.
I want to climb those hills
and find a shepherd minding sheep
and hear from her the ancient tale
of wise people who once lived here.
I want to walk that pebbly beach
and find remains of bygone days
washed up from lonely shores.
Most of all I want to be there
with you and talk late into
the black night, about our
childhood, out children
and our future.

Eda Payne is a retired teacher living in Adelaide and is now a creative writer in both Irish and English. Eda was born in Dublin, and grew up in Edenderry, Co. Offaly. Her family emigrated to London when she was 15 and she worked in Lloyds Bank prior to her leaving for Adelaide in 1959.  It was in Adelaide that  she met her husband Brian. She  has published poetry and short stories and written a memoir for her grandchildren about her early life in Ireland.