Networks of Solidarity

Networks of Solidarity is a series of four monthly online talks co-organised by artist/organiser Kate O’Shea and writer/researcher Enya Moore from the Just City Collective.

The Networks of Solidarity series aims to strengthen transnational networks of solidarity and deepen awareness of place-based struggles that reverberate from Dublin 8 to Gadigal Country (Sydney, Australia). Four interconnected and overlapping sessions entitled Between our Minds; In the Roots; Through our Stories and On the Airwaves feature presentations and performances from invited artists, activists, community workers, designers, academics, researchers, writers, and filmmakers based largely in Ireland and Australia.

There are two upcoming sessions, with the previous two sessions Between Our Minds (4 May 2021) and In the Roots (8 June 2021) being well attended by activists across Ireland and Australia. Tickets for the final two sessions Through Our Stories (6 July 2021) and On the Airwaves (27 July 2021) are available on Eventbrite.



Tuesday 6 July 2021: Through Our Stories

10AM Dublin (IST), 7PM Sydney (AEST)

ONLINE EVENT – Register on Eventbrite

Through our Stories explores the value of storytelling in communicating shared beliefs and cultural knowledge as well as articulating shared struggle and trauma. The talk explores storytelling, through film, images, dance, and language, as an important way of countering dominant and oftentimes exclusionary narratives. This event encompasses the diversity in storytelling practices including Indigenous storywork, truth-telling and language activism.

Guest speakers include:

Jason De Santolo (Garrwa and Barunggam, researcher and creative producer), Oein DeBhairduin (author, activist), Amala Groom (Wiradyuri conceptual artist), Alessandra Azevado & Karin Aguair (Go Dance For Change)

Facilitated by Enya Moore.


Tuesday 27 July 2021: On the Airwaves

10AM Dublin (IST), 7PM Sydney (AEST)

ONLINE EVENT – Register on Eventbrite

Alternative media has always been an important mode of communication for building communities and social movements. On the Airwaves invites broadcasters, performers, podcasters to discuss the opportunities afforded by the spoken word. This event considers the rich history of pirate radio stations in Athens (Greece), community radio in Marrickville (Sydney) and podcasting and spoken word from Cork (Ireland).

Guest speakers include:

Jason De Santolo (Garrwa aHuna Amweero (screenwriter, radio producer), Ainle Ó Cairealláin (podcaster), Raphael Olympio (artist, rapper, activist, youth worker), Dr. Krini Kafiris (a trainer for sustainable organising and gender/media related issues, a researcher and activist)

Facilitated by Fionnuala O’Connell


Networks of Solidarity is supported by Common Ground’s The Just City – Counter Narrative Neighbourhood Residency 2020 – 2021 which is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council, with additional support from Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts.

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