ISAANZ 24 conference, 2019 Foregrounding Irish Women

The 24th Irish Studies in Australasia conference will be held in Flinders in the City, Victoria Square, Adelaide, from 9-12 December. A primary focus of the conference will be foregrounding Irish women’s contributions to Australia and Ireland in this the 125th celebration of South Australian suffrage. Papers will range from Irish orphan stories, Mary Lee, women in the 1916 Rising and conscription, Irish nuns and identity, chain migration, women in World War 1, through to the 20th century Australian response to the ‘Troubles’, abortion reform and neonatal deaths. Women writers will also feature in the program, from New Zealand’s Ellen Duggan to Ireland’s Anne Enright. Other papers will cover the law, James Joyce’s Dubliners, the terms antipodes/antipodean, music, and dancing. There will be discussion panels on writing Irish histories, and Australian Irish literature.

The first day, Monday December 9, is free of charge and involves an introduction to the Irish language and a gathering of Irish language speakers. RSVP is required for catering purposes. Tuesday December 10 through to Thursday December 12 are full conference paper days. The full cost for attendance for these fully catered days is $175 for unwaged/students. Single day attendance is $100.

See the website (above) for fuller details, or contact for further information.