ISAANZ call for abstracts

24th Irish Studies in Australia and New Zealand conference (ISAANZ24) December 9-12, 2019

Adelaide, South Australia

Foregrounding Irish Women : the Antipodes and beyond

Molly Reilly – foregrounded 1916

Call for Abstracts

The Antipodes, the opposite, figuratively, geographically, metaphorically. We are interested in accounts of women and men who lived opposite lives often off the main stage, but who played their part in Irish history, especially in Australia and New Zealand. Our banner image is of Molly Reilly, the 16-year old member of James Connolly’s Citizen Army, who was moved from the margins into the main frame of history when she was chosen by Connolly to raise the gold harp on green flag over Liberty Hall in 1916. In 2016 she was foregrounded again when Dublin sculptor Stuart Dunne’s statue of the mythical Molly pulling the struggling men of the four provinces out of the mire was exhibited in the Ambassador Theatre’s 2016 exhibition.

The conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, where 2019 celebrates 125 years of women’s suffrage. We are interested in foregrounding the role of Irish women and men of the Antipodes and beyond: stories that have been newly discovered; and stories that can be seen in a new light. We are also interested in a broad interpretation of ‘the Antipodes’ and we aim for a multidisciplinary focus, including the creative arts.

Abstracts of 250 words will be welcomed up until 31 May 2019. Please email any of the names below:

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