Irish Australian Person Of The Year 2018


The Irish Australian Support and Resource Bureau (formerly The Australian-IrishWelfare Bureau) is seeking nominations from all Irish clubs, groups and organisations for a person within their group, whom they believe has worked tirelessly and without reward for the benefit of the Irish community.

The Irish Australian of the Year Award was first presented in 1984 and has been awarded to people from all walks of life and all areas of the Irish community. A list of past recipients is attached together with suggestions of information requested for the nomination.

We are aware that there are many people within our community who go beyond the call of duty, giving freely of their time and energy, to ensure that Irish culture continues to flourish.

Nominations are to be forwarded to the Irish Australian Support and Resource Bureau, 440a High Street, Northcote Vic 3070 by Friday 17thAugust 2018

All nominations are considered and adjudicated by a panel of past recipients. (See below)

The Irish Australian Person of the Year for 2017 will be announced at our Spring Fling on Saturday 15thSeptember at the Albert Park Yacht and Angling Club.

Maggie Bradley
Irish Australian Support and Resource Bureau

Irish Australian Person Of The Year 2018

Ambassador-150x150Nominations for Irish Australian Person of the Year

The following information would be useful in making a nomination for the above award:

  • The name of the organisation making the nomination and the nominee’s relationship to the organisation
  • A brief reason for the nomination
  • The nominee’s background, eg family and work details and their connection to the Irish community
  • More detailed information or examples of what they have done in and for both the Irish community and the wider Australian community, as applicable
  • Any additional testimonials from others outside your organisation that you wish to include

Irish Australian Of The Year Award – Past Participants.