Global Irish Broadcast Network

The Proposal

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logo-final-3-130x120To create a dedicated global broadcast network that will, for the first time, connect, entertain, and  inform the 70M Irish worldwide and in the process help preserve Irish culture and promote tourism.

We offer a multi channel radio player for business websites.

Packed with a variety of great entertainment, it can be branded exclusively with each business name, display special offers, events etc., and provide multiple opportunities for customers to win fantastic prizes.

The radio player can be launched by customers for use as desired on any device creating the potential for far more frequent contact with the business than just a static website with no entertainment or without any incentive to stay connected.

The radio player will be provided free and the service offered at a highly attractive monthly rate.

Douglas Hyde, who would become Ireland’s first President, knew, even in 1886, when speaking in particular of the Irish language, that you cannot force implementation on people.

images-2There is no use arguing the advantage of making Irish the language of our newspapers and clubs because this is and ever shall be an impossibility. But for several reasons we wish to arrest the language of its downward path and if we cannot spread it (and I do not believe we very much can) we will at least prevent it from dying out, and make sure that those who speak it now will also transmit it unmodified to their descendants.

Douglas Hyde 1886

38 years later, and still long before the introduction of an Irish language broadcast service in Ireland, the threat of globalization to Irish culture and in particular the Irish language was also understood by then secretary at the Department for Posts and Telegraphs, P. S. O’Hegarty when he said in 1924

If we do not revive and develop Irish, we must inevitably be assimilated and in that case our name and tradition and history will vanish out of human ken* and our national individuality will be lost.

P. S. O’Hegarty 1924

Definition  ‘Ken’ : the range of perception, understanding, or knowledge.

UnknownAnd still, 48 years would pass before the introduction of an Irish language broadcast service, Raidió na Gaeltachta in 1972
With your help, we would hope to move a little faster!
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