Podcasts of ‘Irish at Gallipoli’


Irish soldiers at Gallipoli

UCD’s History Hub has now completed publication of the six parts of Jess Kildea’s Irish at Gallipoli podcasts, so that they are all available for download or for listening.

The Irish at Gallipoli is a six-part series of podcasts by Dr Jeff Kildea, Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History at University College Dublin in 2014. In this series Dr Kildea examines the part played by the Irish during the Gallipoli campaign, looking in particular at the landing on 25 April, the advance to Krithia between April and July, the August offensive, both at Anzac Cove, when Anzacs and Irishmen fought literally shoulder to shoulder, and at Suvla Bay, and finally the evacuation. See: http://historyhub.ie/the-irish-at-gallipoli-by-jeff-kildea.