Landscapes Of War & Peace 1914-2014: War Poetry and Peacekeeping

by Michael J. Whelan





Irish Martyrs In Lebanon by Michael J Whelan


Gulls by Michael J Whelan

Some words we don’t read them,
we taste them
deep into our souls,
some bring back our missing memories,
our loved ones to our hearts.

Many times I saw their wives and mothers
lay flowers in my country
near the places of their martyrdoms.

My heart is like a room
big enough to receive many visitors.
My heart is a wing
to fly your martyrs on,
to reach heaven

to make them meet at the river,
to hug and kiss their children,
to sacrifice and water their thirsts
of a land with pure blood
spilled far from home

flowing from peacekeepers
into the valleys of my country
where the cedar grows forever
and remembers everything.

Michael J. Whelan July 7, 2015
Published in A New Ulster Magazine, Issue 34, July 2015

Damaged house, Kosovo


KOSOVO a poem by Michael J Whelan

Green shoots
why do you grow
in the rubble of this house,
while hearts are breaking,
does God not see
our tears falling on the ground
near the stony road
that ceases at one side of the river
and commences on the other,
where great armies once crossed
to be forgotten,
in this land that forged a village
and civilised it;
then forged the swords
that killed it,
where the blackbird died slowly
in the eagle’s grip,
screaming as the beak
pierced the flesh of its breast.

Michael J. Whelan July 6th 2015
Published in A New Ulster Magazine, Issue 34, July 2015

Michael J. Whelan is a soldier-poet, writer & historian (Curator – Irish Air Corps Aviation Museum) living in Tallaght County Dublin. He served as a peacekeeper in South Lebanon and Kosovo during the conflicts in those countries, which inspires much of his work.

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