The Irish at Gallipoli (Episode 2: The Landing)/Podcast

Graphic_map_of_the_Dardanelles_960The Irish at Gallipoli is a six-part podcast series specially recorded for History Hub by Dr Jeff Kildea who was Keith Cameron Chair of Australian History at the UCD School of History and Archives in 2014. Dr Kildea is also the Chief Investigator on the Irish Anzacs Project which has made available to researchers and the public a database of the approximately 6500 Irish-born members of the Australian Imperial Force who served in the First World War.

In the second episode of The Irish at Gallipoli, Dr Kildea looks at the landing on 25 April 1915:

”Following the failure of the British and French navies to force the Dardanelles and open up an all-year sea route to Russia, the Allies committed 75,000 soldiers to a ground war in an attempt to neutralise the Turkish forts guarding the Dardanelles by attacking them from the landward side. While the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed on the Aegean coast half way up the peninsula, Britain’s 29th Division was landed at a series of beaches at Cape Helles at the foot of the peninsula. Among the British Army troops at Helles were Irish regulars of the Dublin Fusiliers, Munster Fusiliers and Inniskilling Fusiliers. This episode looks at the landing on 25 April 1915 and, in particular, the slaughter of the Dublins and Munsters at V Beach” – Jeff Kildea.

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