Convict Women and Orphan Girls – update.

The History Channel ( FOXTEL) is broadcasting the series, Convict Women and Orphan Girls on Saturdays from 7th March to 28th March. See: FOXTEL

women factory

Women factory

Convict Women and Orphan Girls /Mná Díbeartha (Banished Women) series won the Special REMI Jury Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival – the highest award for creative excellence in the Documentary Series category.

Richard O’Brien, a former Irish Ambassador to Australia and now Chair of the Advisory Committee on Irish Studies at the University of New South Wales has reviewed the series:

‘Convict Women and Orphan Girls is a compelling portrayal – meticulously researched, vividly scripted and brilliantly enacted – of the dramatic story of the Orphan Girls and indeed of an entire generation of single, married and widowed women transported from Ireland who became the founding mothers of modern Australia. This magnificent series – which captures all the trauma of their banishment and the drama of shaping their lives on the other side of the world – is essential viewing for all who believe that history matters and that identity and heritage are to be truly cherished and celebrated.’

Further information:  CONVICT WOMEN & ORPHAN GIRLS SynopsisEp 1 Summary; Ep 2 summary; Ep 3 summary; Ep 4 summary.  FOXTEL.

The DVDs are available from director Barrie Dowdall’s website: , or in Australia, from Williamstown Historical Society Museum in Melbourne.