Saving St Brigid’s on ‘The Spirit of Things’ on the ABC

Nature of event: Radio program on the ABC’s ‘The Spirit of Things’

Saving St Brigids newadvert

St Brigid’s Crossley

When: Wednesday 28th January 2015 @ 9.05 pm  OR listen @  Saving Place: St Brigid’s

St Brigid’s Church and Hall in South West Victoria was built in 1914 by Irish settlers whose Catholic faith was the foundation of their community life. When the Church put it up for sale, a battle ensued that saw the community fight for its sense of faith, history and belonging. Author and campaigner, Regina Lane speaks to Rachael about Saving St Brigid’s, which is celebrating its centenary.

Further information: Visit the website of St Brigid’s Church and Hall to see more photos of the church and its community.

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