Convict Women and Orphan Girls

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Convict Women and Orphan Girls


Screening  of episode from the 4 hour TV series
(Series filmed in Australia)

Followed by Q & A with independent Irish filmmakers Siobhán Lynam & Barrie Dowdall 

Venue: Brian Boru Function Room, at the Celtic Club on  Wednesday September 3rd at 7.30pm                                    

Cost: $10 at entrance

Further Information: Phone 9670 6472; Flier: CONVICT WOMEN

From 1787 to 1853, over 25,000 women, nearly half of them Irish, were transported in the dark holds of ships on a 16,000-mile journey to the other end of the earth. Arriving alone, or with small children in the colonies, these single, married and widowed women, lived, loved, toiled and died under Australian skies, there was no repatriation.

In a two-year period during the Great Famine, over 4,000 young orphan girls, inmates of the overcrowded Irish workhouses, were carefully selected and transported as free migrants on what became known as the ‘Famine Bride Ships’, to the colonies where men outnumbered women by 9 to 1 in the outback.

The series is a testament to the lives, struggles and legacy of these Irish women and girls and restores their historical importance in building the modern Australian nation.




Independent Irish filmmakers Barrie Dowdall & Siobhán Lynam make acclaimed documentaries that contest ‘official’ representations of significant figures (Ned Kelly – The True Story, 2004), explore marginalised voices (Banished Women, 2014) and reinstate complex characters overlooked by mainstream histories (The Irishwoman Who Shot Mussolini). Their productions, which deliver meticulous historical research with narrative force and aesthetic appeal, have been broadcast around the world, on esteemed public broadcasters (BBC, ABC), niche (The History Channel) and commercial (Foxtel) outlets.


CONVICT WOMEN & ORPHAN GIRLS was funded by TG4 and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). DVD’s of the series will be available for sale on the evening.

Evening meals available at the Club, starting 5pm before the event.