Barry v Kelly

Barry versus Kelly is a dramatic narrative about the trial and execution of the famous Irish/Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, and the haunting of Judge Redmond Barry (the judge who sentenced Kelly)  with the words – ‘I will see you where I go.’  Set inside the freezing  walls of the Melbourne Goal, the play and music  explore the raw courage of Ned, and his mother Ellen, and the anxiety of the judge who fears he might be making a martyr of Kelly. With script and music by Felix Meagher (authour of The Man They Call The Banjo), and additional music by Lou Hesterman,  Barry Versus Kelly is a play that all Australians should see.

Anthony Penhall

Anthony Penhall/Ned Kelly

The cast of Barry versus Kelly is: Anthony Penhall (Ned);
Danny Spooner (Red Kelly, Anthony Trollope, James Barry and Chief Secretary Berry);
Cora Browne (Ellen Kelly and Louisa Barrow);
Lucinda Barratt (Chloe) and
Felix Meagher (Judge Barry).

Musicians: Ewen Baker, Cyril Moran and Lou Hesterman.
Produced by Melanie O’Shannassy
Barry versus Kelly is currently conducting a POZIBLE campaign to raise production funding to stage the production in the Old Melbourne Gaol.
Thanks to those who have pledged for the Barry versus Kelly POZIBLE campaign so far. Please refer to POZIBLE if you have questions/to see how it works. For further information about the Barry versus Kelly project,  see: POZIBLE project  where you can also make a pledge.
We have 21 days to reach to raise $6000 to reach our target to stage Barry versus Kelly at the Old Melbourne Gaol.
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